How To Choose The Thickness Of Your Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a great accessory that can be used to add comfort and style while protecting your existing mattress. Choosing how thick you want your mattress topper will most likely depend on how comfortable your bed feels at the moment. When choosing how thick you want it, choose something that makes you feel comfortable and not too hot or cold.

Table of contents

  1. What is a mattress topper?
  2. How thick should a mattress topper be?
  3. What are the thickness options for mattress toppers?
  4. What materials are used to make mattress toppers?
  5. What to consider when choosing a topper
  6. We recommend a memory foam mattress topper
  7. Still not sure?

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a layer of padding that goes on top of your existing mattress. It adds cushioning and comfort while at the same time protecting your current mattress from wear and tear. It allows you to make your bed how you want it to be; whether it's how soft or how firm, how warm or how cool. Mattress toppers perform an important function of transforming your mattress without you having to buy a new one.

How thick should a mattress topper be?

In much the same vein as every other element of the bedding puzzle, a mattress topper's ideal thickness will depend on two things: how thick the mattress is, and how much support you need.

For example: a thin mattress with an ideal thickness of 2 inches will be a relatively poor match for a memory foam topper with 3" of loft. Conversely, a thicker-than-average mattress (8+") can handle anything from 2" up to 9".

What are the thickness options for mattress toppers?

There are three common mattress topper thickness options:

  • 2-inch
  • 3-inch
  • 4-inch

Two inch mattress topper:

A two-inch topper is right for new mattresses that offer little in the way of comfort. They add extra padding without altering a mattress’ firmness, and are popular with stomach or back sleepers. Our memory foam mattress toppers are two inches in thickness.

Three inch mattress topper

The middle sibling among three thicknesses, the three-inch topper often gets overlooked.

But don't be deceived; this is a perfect choice if you're not sure what best suits your sleep needs!

Four inch mattress topper

Continuing as the thickest of the three options, four inch toppers can extend the life of an aging and derelict mattresses. This is especially ideal for those who sleep with someone that keeps them awake by moving around at night or suffering from chronic pain.

What materials are used to make mattress toppers?

There are many different types of mattress toppers, each with its own features and qualities.

Just a note on some main options:

  • Latex topper
  • Wool mattress topper
  • Polyester topper
  • Cotton toppers
  • Feather topper
  • Memory foam topper

What to consider when choosing a topper

Person adjusting straps on memory foam topper

There are many variables to consider when making a mattress topper purchase. However, below are several questions that may help you identify the type of topper best suited for your needs.

  • How much are you willing to spend? The thickness of material that you choose will affect what the topper will cost. For instance, a thicker, more expensive topper may cost less than an average thickness one with low-grade materials.
  • Is pain relief your main reason for buying a topper? For back and stomach sleepers, a thicker mattress topper (or pad) is ideal.
  • Are you looking for extra comfort? For example, toppers made from wool and down are softer than other materials such as memory foam and latex.
  • Do you want to reduce the distractive movements of your partner? Putting a thicker topper on your mattress can be just the solution you are looking for if sleep noise disturbs you. It is also highly recommended that you look into purchasing one made of memory foam and latex, as they offer an extra level of sound protection.
  • Do you get hot during the night? If you find your sleep space hot, then you would suit a thinner topper that does not retain heat (like memory foam and latex).
  • Are allergies a continual challenge for you? Memory foam and latex mattress toppers reduce allergens as they are hypoallergenic!
  • How easy will it be to clean? It is important to wash your bedding at least one time each week, so you will want a mattress topper that is easy to wash - preferably in the washing machine.

We recommend a memory foam mattress topper

Mattress topper

Memory foam toppers are made from polyurethane with chemically enhanced density and come in a variety of thicknesses, offering many benefits:

  • Contouring for improved neck, back and shoulder support.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Adequate cushioning for support and spinal alignment
  • Durability due to the resiliency of memory foam
  • Easy to maintain and wash as it comes with a waterproof protector that is machine washable


Overall, we recommend a 2-inch memory foam mattress topper, which is well suited for most people who are just looking for added comfort and support. It provides ideal cushioning and contouring to your body providing excellent support while ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.

Deep sleep awaits you.