Mattress Toppers: Your New Back Pain Guardians

Have you been tailoring exercises, changing your diet, or managing your back pain through meditation and mindfulness to relieve that annoying, muscle aching to a burning or stabbing sensation in your back? While these are indeed helpful methods for back pain relief, bad sleep posture, which is more often than not caused by an unsuitable mattress, is one of the main culprits behind back pain. That is right, sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen or even cause back pain which is why you should always sleep on medium firm mattresses (even firm mattresses if you’re sleeping on your back). 

In case your mattress is quite soft, sagging, or of poor quality,  we recommend using a mattress topper, of course, if you don’t want to purchase a brand new mattress. So, how can a mattress topper help with back pain? Read on to find out.

How Can a Mattress Topper Help With Back Pain?

If you are constantly tossing and turning throughout the night because of unbearable back pain, a mattress topper can be the long-sought-after solution for you. This means that regardless of the severity or type of this issue, these extra layers of cushioning can help you minimize those dull, burning, or stinging backaches by providing equal distribution of your weight, proper spinal alignment, and pressure points relief. What you should know, though, is that you should look for the right level of thickness as, for instance, a medium-firm topper, that is somewhere between three to four inches so it can provide proper spinal alignment for both side and back sleepers.

Supporting Studies

According to a study done on nearly thirty low back pain sufferers, sleep surfaces are the main culprits behind sleep discomfort which suggests that it is indeed feasible to lessen back pain by replacing either your mattress or adding a topper to suit your sleeping position. 

According to another noteworthy study, medium-firm mattresses can indeed improve clinically diagnosed spine stiffness, shoulder pain, and back pain. Or, more precisely, these types of mattresses can reduce low back pain significantly more than a firm mattress. This is because excessively firm mattress don’t properly contour to the shape of your body or provide you with the necessary back support. So, in order to soften a stony mattress, we recommend using a medium to medium-firm mattress topper as it may be the best solution to clear up back pain.

While using a very firm mattress can have a negative impact on your back pain, according to yet another study, an overly soft mattress can also worsen your condition. This is because excessively doughy mattresses, which have softened due to either long or improper usage, can contour too much to your body and not give proper support. As this can also cause issues, you can create the perfect medium-firm mattress by adding a mattress topper.

Do note, though, that a mattress topper that is perfect for one sleeping position won’t necessarily suit all sleepers.

Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Help Back Pain?

Yes. Memory foam toppers can positively improve your back pain condition due to their outstanding cushioning abilities by contouring to your body just right, which gives you the right balance of pressure relief and back support. 

In Summary 

If you are looking for a way to ameliorate your back pain, a mattress topper can take you one step closer towards back pain relief. 

If your mattress is excessively firm, find yourself a mattress topper that can soften it just as necessary. If, on the other hand, your mattress is too soft, get yourself a firmer mattress topper that is made of memory foam. Also, make sure to purchase a mattress topper that suits your sleeping positions and provides you with the right thickness that can contour to your body properly.

In case you are still considering whether buying this cushy extra layer to your mattress is a good choice or not, you can learn about the surprising benefits of using a mattress topper by reading our article.


What is the best mattress topper for back pain?

If you ask us, the best mattress toppers for back pain are those made of memory foam as they precisely conform to the general impressions of your body to provide pain relief.

What is better for spine alignment: memory foam or latex mattress topper?

While both latex and memory foam mattress toppers perfectly mould to your body to provide pressure relief, latex materials are extra resistant which makes these toppers more bouncy, eventually causing some people to find them less comfortable than memory foam ones.

How thick should a mattress topper be to relieve back pain?

In order to find the right mattress topper to help you with back pain, you should look for ones that are over five centimetres thick. While a mattress topper that is somewhere around two to three centimetres can slightly change the feel of your mattress, it can not offer the necessary support for back pain relief. This is mostly because your firm mattress will require an additional thicker layer that provides sufficient cushioning to help you maintain that S-shaped posture while sleeping.

Does a mattress topper help with an uncomfortable mattress?

Indeed. A new mattress topper can prolong the life of your existing mattress while improving your sleep quality by adding extra cushioning and support.